Business Process Improvement

An analytical approach to optimizing business systems/processes, enhancing efficiency, improving effectiveness and strengthen organizational viability. 

Corp-RX integrates Lean/Six Sigma principles, Total Quality Management, Kaizen and Organizational Design theories to enhance operations, maximize revenues and realize efficiencies. Our systematic approach involves: defining organizational goals, diagnosing corporate culture, identifying stakeholders, mapping existing processes, making changes and reinforcing desired methodologies.

Process Improvement Roles

  1. Define Goals/Strategy - Identify gaps, define needs, build strategy and create executionplan
  2. Manage Projects - Assess, Design, Implement and Evaluate Projects
  3. Seek Efficiencies -  Apply Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and Kaizen principles
  4. Manage Corporate Culture - Assess, Diagnose, Change and Enhance Culture
  5. Strengthen Bottom Line - Seeking Cost Savings and New Revenue Streams


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