Change Management

An approach to managing change that combines communication theory, process improvement, training and
development methods to move projects forward while advancing organizational objectives on time and on budget.

Corp-RX provides formal change management leadership by  integrating analysis, planning, measurement, and
execution to maximize awareness, efficiency and effectiveness. Our services include deliverables that combine recommendations with actual usable tools and work products.

Leveraging active listening techniques and empathetic responsiveness, we have created a novel approach to
managing change that is structured and flexible, decisive yet responsive and results-focused while still being
sensitive to the means of achieving those results. 

Change Manager Roles

  1. Defining the Gap - Analyze as-is state, define to-be state, tell the story
  2. Assessing the Audience - Identify concerns, pinpoint sources of resistance
  3. Overcoming Resistance - Be flexible, compassionate and responsive while overcoming resistance
  4. Assisting Implementation - Facilitate training, monitor sentiment, advise leadership
  5. Enabling Stakeholders - Provide flexible, sound counsel safeguarding stakeholder interests


Partner With Us

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